Back row (l-r): Jared Williams, Donald Morelli, Spencer Waldrop, Vijay Ponnambalam
Front row (l-r): Gloria Lehr, Winston Carr, Xu Lu, Jing Kong
Recent News
  • Spencer Waldrop and Jared William presented their work at the Engineering Graduate Research Symposium

  • Gloria Lehr recently published in Journal of Applied Physics: "Interplay of chemical expansion, Yb valence, and low temperature thermoelectricity in the YbCu2Si2-xGex solid solution"(Link)

  • Jared William's article "Enhance thermoelectric preformance driven by high temperature phase transition in the phase-change material Ge4SbTe5" has recently been accepted by Journal of Materials Research: Focus Issue on Advances in Thermoelectric Materials 2

  • Winston Carr's recently published in Journal of Alloys and Compounds: "Influence of Doping and Solid Solution Formation on the Thermoelectric Properties of Chalcopyrite Semiconductors" (Link)

  • Ponns and Dr. Morelli attended the APS meeting in San Antonio

  • Xu Lu recently published in Chemistry of Materials: "Increasing the Thermoelectric Figure of Merit of Tetrahedrites by Co-doping with Nickel and Zinc"(Link)