Courses taught:

Principles of Environmental Engineering and Science (CE 280)

Environmental Chemistry (ENE 481)

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Engineering (ENE 483)

Air Pollution: Science and Engineering (ENE 489)

Design of Remediation Systems for Hazardous Waste Contamination (CE 491)

Capstone Civil/Environmental Engineering Project (CE 495)

Physicochemical Processes in Environmental Engineering (ENE 802)

Teaching interests:

Dr. Masten was a Lilly Teaching Fellow during the 1994-1995 Academic Year.  During that she focused her efforts on developing methods to better evaluate individual efforts within team-based projects.  She has published a number of papers on collaborative learning and continually is trying to refine its use in her classes and assist other faculty in their efforts.  Dr. Masten is also the receipient of the Withrow Distinguished Scholar Award, College of Engineering, MSU, March 1995, and the Teacher-Scholar Award, Michigan State University, February 1996.  She was also a member of the Faculty Writing Project, Michigan State University, May 1996.