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Welcome to the Liao research group !!

            The Liao group's research focuses on developing environmentally benign integrated systems to effectively utilize organic residues including both municipal and agricutlural residues for chemical/energy production and water reclamation, with a specific aim towards making scientific and technological advances to meet emerging demands of renewable resources. 


Integrated organic residues utilization systems

1. Solar-bio-powered unit; 2. Solar-bio-nano-based wastewater utilization system; 3. Large-scale algal open-pond algal cutlivation; 4. advanced bioprocessing; 5. Post-treatment of water reclamation; 6. Demonstration plug flow anaerobic digester; 7. Organic residues from agricultural operations; 8. Organic residues from municipal and food operations



Group Leader:

Wei Liao, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor and Director

Anaerobic Digestion Research Education Center (ADREC)

Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

Michigan State University

524 S. Shaw Ln. Room 202

East Lansing, MI 48824-1323

More information about Dr. Liao: Curriculum Vitae

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