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Rebecca H. Lahr

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Photo of Rebecca H. Lahr


Civil and Environmental Engineering

A111 Engineering Research Complex

1449 Engineering Research Ct

East Lansing, MI 48824

(517) 884-8460



Lyman Briggs College

W-24A Holmes Hall

919 E Shaw Lane

East Lansing, MI 48825

(517) 884-3930






















Virginia Tech: Ph.D., Civil & Environmental Engineering
Virginia Tech: M.S., Environmental Engineering
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse: B.S., Chemistry

Assistant Professor @ Michigan State University 
Lyman Briggs College - Chemistry Group 
College of Engineering - Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Dr. Lahr is an environmental chemist and engineer who is committed to students and education, passionate about research in environmental chemistry, motivated by service and outreach, and determined to protect drinking water supplies from the pressures of climate change, population growth, and resource extraction.


Research Interests

   -Detection method development
   -Harmful algal blooms and their toxins 
   -Raman spectroscopy
   -Capturing the coffee ring effect for analysis of aqueous solutions
   -Cancer detection through biofluid analysis
Prevention and remediation of environmental pollution 
   -Urine diversion for recovery of nutrients from wastewater
   -Sustainable engineering to improve water quality
   -Tap water education and open access water testing
Interdisciplinary efforts towards meeting UN Sustainable Development Goals


Courses Taught

LB 171, Chemistry I @ Lyman Briggs College
LB 172, Chemistry II @ Lyman Briggs College
CEE 3104, Intro to Environmental Engineering @ Virginia Tech


Dow Sustainability Fellowship (2014-2015)

Graduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry from the American Chemical Society Division of Environmental Chemistry (2012)

Abel Wolman Doctoral Fellowship (2011)

Research featured on the cover of Environmental Science & Technology (Halvorson and Vikesland 2010, 44 (20): 7749-7755.)

EPA STAR Fellowship (2009-2011)