Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

Currently, the 2016 chapter continues to display progressive efforts. The twenty-two member chapter is developing its third Noche de Ciencias with current action being taken to reestablish a SHPE Jr. Chapter, and applying the SHPE’s five pillars to the organization. Workshops geared around Community Outreach, Leadership, Academic, Professional, and Chapter development have been implemented weekly since the start of the spring semester.

Spring of 2016 has brought new ideals into the chapter including normalizing the idea of a minority engineer and setting high expectations for a SHPE student upon graduation. MSU SHPE has precisely documented all actions to remove the initial burdens and help guide future members. MSU SHPE has appeared at many events to promote its cause and accomplishments, establishing its brand as an authentic and highly valued organization. MSU SHPE prides itself in a 100% active member graduation rate.


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