Research Thrusts

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Just-in-time 3D printing, manufacturing automation, AI augmentation for quality control and process optimization.


Research from sources to antennas, with applications in defense, communications, non-destructive evaluation, and consumer electronics. 


machine learning, deep learning, etc, applied to logistics, optimization, business processes, decision support, industrial quality assurance.


Developing advanced systems to enhance recognition and authentication of persons using fingerprints, face recognition, iris, and gait.


Energy generation, conversion, storage and transport, micro-grids, smart-grids, connectivity for small-scale renewable sources, batteries, fuel augmentation, and biofuels.


Connected &  autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructure, user experience, testing & validation, connecting to law, and policy.


Applying technology to the food supply chain to enhance food safety and security, from soil and seed treatment to precision farming to smart packaging, and real-time quality/safety monitoring from farm to fork.

Research News

Tamara Reid Bush
Tamara Reid Bush has been named associate dean for inclusion and diversity with MSU Engineering following a national search.
Bin Chen. Courtesy photo
A team of Michigan State University researchers has received a $1.7 million federal grant to speed up the search for new drugs in the fight against a range of diseases by using artificial intelligence.
MSU joins Midwest network ensuring success of U.S. semiconductor and microelectronics supply chain
Michigan State University has joined 11 other colleges and universities from Michigan, Indiana and Ohio to address national priorities for semiconductor and microelectronics research, education and workforce development.
With their antennae and neural circuitry, locusts can differentiate myriad odors, including those released by cancer cells. Spartan researchers are tapping into the insects’ brains to take advantage of that for early detection. Credit: Derrick L. Turner
Michigan State research shows insects can differentiate between cancer cells and healthy cells, which could help detect the disease earlier
Anil and Nandita Jain
$1 million endowed professorship honors Anil and Nandita Jain