Steve Kornblum

Steve Kornblum (BS Mech Egr '67) has been named manager of Global Intellectual Property for General Motors. Previously, he was manager of GM Powertrain Global Intellectual Property and Government Contracts. Kornblum will continue the work initiated in Powertrain Engineering on IP processes and IP training by working with key stakeholders and seeking endorsement by GM leadership to establish common global IP processes across GM. He will also develop training materials to identify, create, and protect GM’s intellectual property. Given his vast intellectual property knowledge and experience, he will also support other strategic goals and objectives within Global Strategic Product Alliances where there is alignment with his core strength.

Kornblum joined GM in 1967 at the Detroit Diesel Allison Division in Detroit where he advanced through several engineering management positions to become Chief Engineer of the Medium Duty 8.2L Diesel Engine. With the sale of Detroit Diesel, he moved to the C-P-C organization and then to the GM Powertrain Group, where he has managed the Intellectual Property and Government Contracts organization. Kornblum earned an MBA as well as a juris doctor degree from Wayne State University. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, has two issued U.S. patents, and was a 2009 Boss Kettering Award winner.