Kin Keung Lai

Kin Keung LaiCivil and Environmental Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award

Kin Keung Lai, MA '75, Statistics and Probability; PhD '77, Operational Research and Transportation Engineering

Kin Keung Lai is a Chair Professor of Management Science at City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

He is a certified senior enterprise risk manager and a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors and the Asia Pacific Association of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems. He provides consulting in supply chain and logistics management, operations analysis and management, business problem solving and marketing analysis, and financial management and engineering.

He is currently president of the Asia Association of Risk and Crisis Management and the International Association on Financial and Risk Management. He is vice president of the International Federation of Logistics and Supply Chain Society and founding chairman of the Operational Research Society of Hong Kong. He serves as editor in chief for two international journals and is on the editorial boards of 17 others. He is the author of more than 40 books and 700 publications.

Kin has earned many honors and awards. World Executive Weekly named him among the Ten Most Influential Management Professors in China in 2006. He was named the Chang Jiang Scholar Chair Professor, Ministry of Education, China, in 2009; he was the recipient of the Joon S. Moon Distinguished International Alumni Award, Michigan State University, in 2009; and was ranked fourth among the top 20 academic authors in the area of business intelligence and analytics worldwide in a special issue of MIS Quarterly in 2012.

Kin established a charity organization—Care for Children Foundation—20 years ago and has served as vice chairman since then; he organizes projects including rehabilitation, education, foster care, and disaster relief in China.

He has lived in Hong Kong since graduating from MSU in 1977.