Jason Teshuba

Oct. 20, 2014

Jason Teshuba '00
Jason Teshuba '00

Jason Teshuba (BS Computer Engineer 2000) was named to the list of “30 in their 30s” by Detroit business journal, dBusiness,

Oct. 16, 2014.

He is CEO of Mango Languages in Farmington Hills, which has 60 employees and revenue of $9 million a year.

Jason and Michael Teshuba launched a web development firm in 2002, investing in the digital business by offering a variety of subscription-based language classes and programs to individuals, libraries, schools, government, and corporations. Offering 12 languages at first, the portfolio now has more than 65 listings, including Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, and French. Last year, the pair launched Mango Premiere, a language-learning service using foreign films.

Read more in dBusiness at: http://www.dbusiness.com/daily-news/Annual-2014/30-in-Their-Thirties-Jason-Teshuba-38/

Photo courtesy of dBusiness.