Erick Kind

Dec. 14, 2015

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) named Erick Kind (BS CIV EGR ’93) as Grand Region engineer.

Kind succeeds Roger Safford, who will retire Dec. 31 after 28 years at MDOT.

Kind, as MDOT's top administrator in the region, will be responsible for more than 1,400 miles of state trunkline in 13 west Michigan counties, 187 employees, a capital program of about $80 million and an annual maintenance budget of $36 million.

Kind, a Grand Rapids-area native, is a graduate of Northview High School and Michigan State University and has 21 years of experience at MDOT, most recently as manager of the Grand Rapids Transportation Service Group. He serves on several statewide teams, including the Regional Prosperity Initiative and Workforce Development Foundation Learning Team. He also has worked on several interagency teams, including the Joint Agency Transportation Committee, the city of Grand Rapids' Vital Streets Oversight Commission and the Rapids' Lake Liner Advisory Committee.

"I am excited to build on the Grand Region's history of putting customer service first," Kind said. "Roger Safford is a friend and mentor, and I hope to carry on with his vision for delivering innovative transportation solutions for MDOT's Grand Region."

Kind's selection to lead the team represents a commitment to forging partnerships in the communities, said Mark VanPortfleet, MDOT chief operations officer and deputy director.