Andrew Hull

Andrew Hull (BS '83, MS '85, PhD '90, Mech Egr) was selected as the 2009 Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Scientist of the Year. The annual award program, sponsored by NAVSEA, honors an engineer, scientist, or a team of engineers/scientists whose contributions have enhanced their respective profession.

Over his 20-year career, Hull, a NUWC Division Newport employee from the Autonomous & Defensive Systems Department, has continually advanced the knowledge base of structural acoustics. During 2009, his tireless efforts resulted in the completion of two major broad-frequency elastic acoustic models derived for geometrical shapes that are of supreme importance to the U.S. Navy and provide significant cost avoidance. In the area of basic and applied research, Hull has developed closed form analytical solutions for complex mathematical problems that address torpedo sonar, towed arrays, structural acoustics, parameter estimation, dynamic system models, medical imaging, material measurements and active noise control. These advances notably enhance the reputation of Division Newport for innovation and technical excellence, and advance the undersea warfare capabilities of the U.S. Navy. Hull is a biannual visitor to MSU and the mechanical engineering department and has funded a series of research projects with the department.