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Nick Chen, recently graduated from the Chemical Engineering program, is now studying grad school at the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering at UC Berkeley!! Good luck Nick!!
Lisa and Matthew review paper in Food and Chemical Toxicology was featured on the Food Safety Briefs of the North America International Life Sciences Institute (NA-ILSI) in the section "Risk Assessment"!
Lisaura and Matthew critical review in cholesterol oxidation products has been accepted in Food and Chemical Toxicology! Way to go guys!
Papers Acceptance
Cholesterol is undoubtedly a molecule of key biological importance, it constitutes up to 50% of all lipids present in the plasma membrane (on a molar basis). Cholesterol has been studied in deeply in the last decades because of its oxidation products and metabolites (COPs). COPs are a family of cholesterol oxidation derivatives that contain an additional hydroxyl, epoxide or ketone group in the sterol structure and/or hydroxyl group in the aliphatic chain. In contrast with unoxidized cholesterol, COPs exert several biological activities and may play an important role in the major human chronic diseases, including, atherosclerosis, mutagenesis, carcinogenesis and degenerative diseases. The role of the COPs in the cholesterol homeostasis is critical and new approaches should be taken to address their activity and relevance in the life processes