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We are a research group specializing in fiber-optic sensing/actuation devices and systems. Our research is often driven by the needs in real-world applications. Fiber-optic devices posses many advantages such as small size, light weight, immunity to electromagnetic interferences, distributive operation, and harsh environment capability, which make them attractive in a wide range of applications from development of smart structures, energy research, homeland security, industrial process control, to environmental monitoring, biomedical research, and health care. Our research group aims at the derivation, characterization, and development of fiber-optic devices and systems with improved performance, novel functionalities, and/or new applications.


Prof. Ming Han

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Michigan State University

Email: mhan(at)egr.msu.edu

Tel: (517)353-3811

Fax: (517)353-1980

Office: Rm 3209, Engineering Building

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428 S. Shaw Lane

Rm 2120, Engineering Building

Electrical & Computer Engineering

East Lansing, MI 48824-1226




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