Graduate Symposium Poster Guidelines

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Poster Presentation Guidelines

Students who are presenting posters at the Symposium may begin setting up at 8:30am; posters should be on display from 9:00am until 12:00pm. If you are not able to stay for the entire Symposium, please make arrangements for a colleague to put up your poster by 9am and/or to take it down at 12:00pm.

Students should wear business / professional attire, and are expected to stand next to their poster during their assigned session in order to answer questions from judges and visitors.

Posters should be 32" x 40" (81 cm x 102 cm) in size, and may be orientated either vertically or horizontally. Students may choose their own layout and content design, within the specified size constraints. The Division of Engineering Computing Services (DECS) provides poster printing and lamination services for students. More information, including fees and formatting requirements, is available at:

At the Symposium, students will be provided with an easel and one piece of 32" x 40" (81 cm x 102 cm) size black foam-core board. Binder clips will also be provided, and students will use the clips to attach their posters to the foam board.

2019 Symposium Research Categories - Required for Poster Registration

Poster registration will require the selection of research category.  Poster presenters should consult their advisor and select the research category that most closely aligns with the work in the poster.  Primary research categories are listed below.  Additional detail can be found here.

Research Categories

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science Health, Food Safety and Biomechanics
Computing Mechanics and Structures
Mobility, Robotics Materials and Manufacturing
Electrosystems Sustainability and Environment