Graduate Student Annual Reporting Requirements

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All graduate students in the MSU College of Engineering are required to submit an annual report each year once they have completed at least 9 credits as a graduate student.  As part of this report, students will report their progress during the previous year, review their academic and professional goals, and communicate with their adviser(s) about their plans and progress toward degree completion. Students who do not complete the annual reporting process will have a hold placed on their accounts.

NOTE: the annual report for 2022 is due by Tuesday, January 31, 2023.


CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on how to complete the annual report, or CLICK HERE for the recording of the annual report presentation on 1/13/2023.

Please review this information carefully, as well as the frequently asked questions (and answers) and other resources on this page.

If you have technical questions or are unable to log in, please email


  • January 31: students must complete their part of the annual report using the online GRS system and must click to notify their adviser that it's ready for review
  • February: advisers provide written feedback using online GRS system; students and advisers meet to review and sign the report
  • March 1: students must verify report completion using online GRS system

Failure to meet the March 1 deadline for completing and verifying the annual report will result in a hold being placed on students' accounts.

Submission Instructions

Successful completion involves the following steps:

  1. Students enter their information in the online report
  2. Students select Submit Report from the menu and then click the "Send Email" button to notify their adviser to review the report
  3. Primary advisers reviews the report and adds their feedback
  4. Students log into the GRS system and "Verify Report"
  5. Students upload a PDF copy of their verified report as the required "Annual Review" in the MSU GradPlan system (see page 10 of this document)

Graduate Reporting System (GRS)

All annual reports must be completed online using the Graduate Reporting System (GRS). CLICK HERE to access the GRS and submit your annual report.

If you have technical questions or are unable to log into the GRS system, please email


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I received an email saying that my annual report is not complete, but I submitted it online; what should I do?
Carefully review the submission instructions and ensure that you have completed all of the required steps (student submission, advisor review, student verification); note that the "verification" step is commonly missed.

Q: I can't figure out how to download my course (program) plan from GradPlan; what should I do?
Print or save the webpage showing your course plan in GradPlan to a PDF file.

Q: I can't figure out where to upload my RCR training report from RTTS; what should I do?
The process for tracking RCR training has changed, and RTTS reports are no longer included with the annual report. To learn more about RCR requirements, CLICK HERE.

Q: I'm currently a master's student; do I have to submit an annual report?
A: Yes - all graduate students must submit annual reports using GRS. 

Q: I'm enrolled in the fully online MS program; do I have to submit an annual report?
A: Yes - all graduate students must submit annual reports using GRS. 

Q: I'm a first year (or first semester) graduate student; do I have to submit an annual report?
A: Maybe. If you have completed 9 or more credits as a graduate student as of December 31, then you must submit the annual report due in January. If you have not yet completed 9 credits as a graduate student, then you do not need to submit an annual report yet.

Q: I don't have a program plan yet; what should I do?
A: You can upload a draft of your program plan, if one is available. Or, you can select the menu option indicating that you are not yet required to have a program plan.

Q: I don't have anything to enter in part of the report (e.g,. no committee members; publications; awards; etc.).  What should I do?
Submit the information that you do have, and leave the rest blank. 

Q: Do I have to get signatures from all of my committee members?
A: Committee members' signatures are not required - but you may wish to share your annual report with your committee members as a communications tool.

Q: What happens to the information in the report once I submit it?
A: Your adviser, committe and/or department will review the report, provide feedback, and ultimately add a copy to your student record in GradPlan (note that annual reports prior to 2021 are maintained in GRS). The College will look at the information in aggregate (e.g., the total number of journal articles co-authored by students each year).

Q: What if I disagree with the feedback I receive from my adviser?
A: Ideally, you will discuss the feedback with your adviser when you meet to review the report. If you are not able to resolve your concerns with your adviser, you should talk to the graduate program director in your department. If you still have concerns, you can discuss them with your department chairperson. You may also contact Dr. Katy Colbry for advice if you have concerns about the annual report and feedback process.

 Q: What do I do if I have two advisors?
 A: Select one to be the primary advisor for the annual report.