Engineering Distinguished Scholars

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The Engineering Distinguished Scholar Program was established to recruit outstanding students with unique backgrounds to graduate study in engineering at Michigan State. Spanning ten programs in the College, EDS awards are highly competitive and awarded only to the most outstanding applicants.  EDS receipients have enhanced opportunities to learn, do research, and contribute to our academic community.  

EDS awards enable students to begin research with a faculty mentor early in their graduate career, and include a monthly stipend, tuition waiver, and health benefits.  EDS awardees are also eligible for travel funding to present research findings at technical conferences and professional meetings.

All PhD applicants are automatically considered for the EDS when they apply to Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Computational Mathematics Science & Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Mechanics. Highly competitive applicants will demonstrate excellence in academic and research experiences as well as a commitment to leadership and community engagement.


2018-19 Engineering Distinguished Scholars

Austin Ferguson, Computer Science & Engineering
Christopher Herrera, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Meheryar Kasad, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Md. Shakir Mahmud, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Alexander McKim, Computational Mathematics Science & Engineering
Subrata Mukherjee, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Xinda Qi, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Robert Termuhlen, Computational Mathematics Science & Engineering
Julian Venegas, Computational Mathematics Science & Engineering
Samantha Winther, Biomedical Engineering
Yuqin Wu, Chemical Engineering & Environmental Science
Han Xu, Computer Science & Engineering
Chi Zhan, Civil & Environmental Engineering


2017-18 Engineering Distinguished Scholars

Erik Brown, Mechanical Engineering
Xi Cai, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Shih-Chang Hung, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Kian Kalan, Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Kerwin, Mechanical Engineering
Ryan LaRose, Computational Mathematics Science & Engineering
Jiran Li, Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Link, Computational Mathematics Science & Engineering
Xiaorui Liu, Computer Science & Engineering
Satanik Mukherjee, Mechanical Engineering
Svetha Venkatachari, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Anthony Wente, Mechanical Engineering
Anna Yannokopolus, Computational Mathematics Science & Engineering


2016-17 Engineering Distinguished Scholars

Cyrus Ashok Arupratan Atis, Mechanical Engineering
Srishti Banerji, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Gaurav Chauda, Mechanical Engineering
Debayan Deb, Computer Science & Engineering
Joshua Engelsma, Computer Science & Engineering
Jun Guo, Mechanical Engineering
Yaojie Liu, Computer Science & Engineering
Eureka Paikuyladi, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Wanyue Peng, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Justin Scott, Mechanical Engineering
Hongyang Shi, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Chelsea Weiskerger, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Tyler Wilson, Computer Science & Engineering
Yu Zheng, Electrical & Computer Engineering


2015-16 Engineering Distinguished Scholars

Salman Ali, Computer Science & Engineering
Yashesh Dhebar, Mechanical Engineering
Kristina Kamensky, Mechanical Engineering
Leila Khalili, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Yogesh Shamsunder Kumbargeri, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Xinyu Lei, Computer Science & Engineering
Yuan Liang, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Suihan Liu, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Antonella Massafra, Mechanical Engineering
Kurt O'Hearn, Computer Science & Engineering
Chenchen Yang, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Yubo Zhang, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science


2014-15 Engineering Distinguished Scholars

David Crouse, Computer Science & Engineering
Zach Curtis, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Josh Drost, Mechanical Engineering
Biyi Fang, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Saif Imran, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Amin Jourabloo, Computer Science & Engineering
Wei Li, Mechanical Engineering
Yuxiao Lin, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Jialin Liu, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Zhichao Lu, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Pratap Solanki, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Deliang Yang, Electrical & Computer Engineering


2013-14 Engineering Distinguished Scholars

Farnaz Amiri, Mechanical Engineering
Osama En-Nasr, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Abhinav Gaur, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Iman Harsini, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Tung-Yi Lin, Mechanical Engineering
Chen Pei, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Vasiliy Sharikov-Bass, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Zhiyi Su, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Thomas Swearingen, Computer Science & Engineering
Yifeng Tian, Mechanical Engineering
Mingming Wang, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Tongyu Wang, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Shaohua Yang, Computer Science & Engineering
Hulong Zeng, Electrical & Computer Engineering


2012-13 Engineering Distinguished Scholars

Islam Badreldin, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Christopher Crock, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Isabel David, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Gizem Dilber, Mechanical Engineering
Elaheh Esfahanian, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Nerva Espinosa, Computer Science & Engineering
Jonathan Frasch, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Brian Goldman, Computer Science & Engineering
Bin Guo, Civil & Environmental Engineering
K. Thomas Honaker-Schroeder, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Xinting Lin, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Rajib Mandal, Mechanical Engineering
Pedro Nariyoshi, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sajjad Rizivi, Computer Science & Engineering
Tianlong Song, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Liyan Wang, Computer Science & Engineering
Peng Xu, Mechanical Engineering
MIngquan Yuan, Electrical & Computer Engineering