Dual Enrollment and Linked BS+MS Degree Options

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Current MSU undergraduate students have three options for pursuing a graduate degree within the MSU College of Engineering:

  1. apply for admission to a Linked BS+MS degree program (the BS and MS are completed sequentially)
  2. apply for dual enrollment in a MS or PhD program (the BS and MS or PhD are completed concurrently)
  3. apply for regular admission to a MS or PhD program (the BS and MS or PhD are completed sequentially)

Linked BS+MS Degree Programs in Engineering

The Linked BS+MS programs allow academically talented undergraduates to waive 9 credits of the MS program, allowing them to complete the Master's degree at MSU in 21 credits instead of 30.  This is accomplished because "a candidate for a Linked Bachelor's-Master's Degree from Michigan State University may request the application of up to 9 credits toward the master's program for qualifying 400-level and above course work taken at the undergraduate level at Michigan State University or another postsecondary accredited institution of comparable academic quality." (MSU Academic Programs Catalog, as of 3/28/2015)

Current MSU undergraduate students in the College of Engineering may pursue Linked BS+MS programs in specific areas:

To participate, students must generally apply for the Linked program at least 1.5 semesters prior to completing their BS degree and must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50 at the time they complete the BS degree.  The BS and MS programs are completed sequentially: students plan their senior-year classes with input from a graduate adviser in their department, and then after completing the BS degree students continue into the 21-credit MS program.

Applications for the Linked BS+MS programs are handled by the individual departments; please consult the graduate program director in your department for more information.

Dual Enrollment

MSU allows current undergraduate students to apply for "dual enrollment" in a graduate program. The MSU Academic Programs describes this option as "an opportunity for academically talented undergraduate students to enroll in graduate courses and conduct research toward a graduate degree while completing the last two years of their bachelor's degree(s)". Students from any undergraduate major at MSU may apply for dual enrollment admission to a Master's program in Engineering (or other graduate programs).

"A [dually enrolled] student pays undergraduate tuition up to the total number of credits required for a first bachelor’s degree(s) in his/her major(s), at which point graduate tuition is applicable and students are eligible for graduate fellowships and assistantships. If approved by the graduate program, a maximum of nine credits, at the 400-level or higher, from the undergraduate degree program can be applied toward the requirements for the graduate degree program for credits completed after admission to graduate study." (MSU Academic Programs Catalog, as of 3/28/3015)

To participate, students must first apply to and be admitted to a graduate program at MSU; the departments determine graduate admission processes and requirements.  After admission, students must complete a Request for Dual Enrollment Status form. Please note that there are specific timelines and credit limitations for dual enrollment programs, and that dual enrollment has implications for students' financial aid and tuition costs; students are strongly encouraged to consult the MSU Office of Financial Aid prior to application.

Regular Admissions

This option is available to any MSU undergraduate (and to non-MSU students) wishing to pursue a MS or PhD in the College of Engineering.  There are no changes to the undergraduate or graduate degree programs, and applications should be submitted following the regular graduate admission process: https://grad.msu.edu/apply/

Admissions processes and requirements for specific graduate programs in Engineering are available from the department websites.