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Poster Number:  AIBD-01
Authors:  Bidhan Bashyal; Pang-Ning Tan; Argyris Young; Nan Zhang
National Institute of Health

Poster Number:  AIBD-02
Authors:  Christopher Calle; Shaunak Bopardikar
TitleStochastic Sensor Selection in Kalman Filtering for Sampling with Replacement Policies
National Science Foundation, National GEM Fellowship

Poster Number:  AIBD-03
Authors:  Rahul Dey; Vishnu Naresh Boddeti
Title3DFaceFill: An Analysis-by-Synthesis Approach for Face Completion

Poster Number:  AIBD-04
Authors:  Doga Dikbayır; Balasubramaniam Shanker; Hasan Metin Aktulga
TitleOptimizing Data Locality and Termination Criterion for t-SNE
National Science Foundation (Grant No. CCF-1822932)

Poster Number:  AIBD-05
Authors:  Oyendrila Dobe; Erika´ Abrah´am; Ezio Bartocci; Borzoo Bonakdarpour
TitleVerification of Probabilistic Hyperproperties with Nondeterminism
National Science Foundation

Poster Number:  AIBD-06
Authors:  Adam Alessio; Henry Fessler; Yang Yang
TitleEvaluating Change in Irregular and Sparse Time Series

Poster Number:  AIBD-07
Authors:  Asadullah Hill Galib; Andrew McDonald; ‪Tyler Wilson; Lifeng Luo; Pang-Ning Tan
TitleDeepExtrema: A Deep Learning Approach for Forecasting Block Maxima in Time Series Data
National Science Foundation

Poster Number:  AIBD-08
Authors:  Meijun Gao; Kevin Liu
TitleAn Application of Local Resampling to Phylogenetic Model Misspecification Inference and Learning

Poster Number:  AIBD-09
Authors:  Junyuan Hong; Haotao Wang; Zhangyang Wang; Jiayu Zhou
TitleEfficient Split-Mix Federated Learning for On-Demand and In-Situ Customization
National Institute of Aging, Office of Naval Research, National Science Foundation CAREER Program, U.S. Army Research Laboratory Cooperative Research Agreement

Poster Number:  AIBD-10
Authors:  Andrew Hou; Ze Zhang; Michel Sarkis; Ning Bi; Yiying Tong; Xiaoming Liu
TitleTowards High Fidelity Face Relighting with Realistic Shadows
Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

Poster Number:  AIBD-11
Authors:  Ynsheng Hu; Yuanchen Zhu; Xiaoming Liu;
TitleCreating 3D Morphable Face Models from a Single Scan

Poster Number:  AIBD-12
Authors:  Nikolay Ivanov; Qiben Yan
TitleDecentralization Paradox: A Study of Hegemonic and Risky ERC-20 Tokens

Poster Number:  AIBD-13
Authors:  Rahul Jain; Leo Neufcourt; Samuel Giuliani; Witek Nazarewicz
TitleQuantified Nuclear Mass Model using Bayesian Model Averaging
National Science Foundation

Poster Number:  AIBD-14
Authors:  Ankur Kamboj; Vaibhav Srivastava
TitleHuman Motor Learning in High-Dimensional Spaces
National Science Foundation

Poster Number:  AIBD-15
Authors:  Minchul Kim; Anil K. Jain; Xiaoming Liu
TitleAdaFace: Quality Adaptive Margin for Face Recognition

Poster Number:  AIBD-16
Authors:  Gabriel Maliakal; Saiprasad Ravishankar; Adam Alessio; Marc Klasky
TitleExploration into Reconstruction of CT Images using Sparse View Measurements
Los Alamos National Lab

Poster Number:  AIBD-17
Authors:  Dong Hae Mangalindan; Vaibhav Srivastava
TitleTrust-Aware Human-Robot Collaboration
National Science Foundation ECCS 2024649

Poster Number:  AIBD-18
Authors:  M. Munum Masud; Syed W. Haider
Title:  Guidelines for Effective Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Equipment Calibration

Poster Number:  AIBD-19
Authors:  Declan McClintock; Charles Owen
TitleTeaching Circuits Through a Serious Game

Poster Number:  AIBD-20
Authors:  Saeed Memari; Phanikumar Mantha
TitleApplication of Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) architecture for Predicting Coastal Hydrodynamics in the Great Lakes 

Poster Number:  AIBD-21
Authors:  Roshanak Mirzaee; Parisa Kordjamshidi
TitleSpatial Reasoning in Deep Learning
National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research

Poster Number:  AIBD-22
Authors:  Debasmita Pal; Arun Ross
TitleSynthesizing Forestry Images Conditioned on Plant Phenological Attribute Using Generative Adversarial Network
National Science Foundation

Poster Number:  AIBD-23
Authors:  Raul Quispe-Abad; Arun Ross
TitleBlack-Ice Detection on Roads using Convolutional Neural Networks and Physics-based Models

Poster Number:  AIBD-24
Authors:  Hossein Rajaby Faghihi; Quan Guo; Andrzej Uszok; Aliakbar Nafar; Elaheh Raisi; Parisa Kordjamshidi
TitleDomiknows: A library for integration of symbolic domain knowledge in deep learning
National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research

Poster Number:  AIBD-25
Authors:  Avirup Roy; Hrishikesh Dutta; Henry Griffith; Subir Biswas
TitleAn Energy-aware Embedded Learning System for Estimating Liquid Consumption from Consumer Grade Water Bottles

Poster Number:  AIBD-26
Authors:  Farzaneh Tatari; Majid Mazouchi; Hamidreza Modares
TitleFixed-time System Identification Using Concurrent Learning

Poster Number:  AIBD-27
Authors:  Ethan Tu; Adam Alessio
TitleGenerating Realistic Chest Radiographs using a Novel Generative Adversarial Network

Poster Number:  AIBD-28
Authors:  Lan Wang; Vishnu Boddeti
TitleDo Learned Representations Respect Causal Relationships?

Poster Number:  AIBD-29
Authors:  Yuguang Yao; Sijia Liu
TitleReverse Engineering of Imperceptible Adversarial Image Perturbations

Poster Number:  AIBD-30
Authors:  Yue Zhang; Quan Guo; Parisa Kordjamshidi
TitleTowards Navigation by Reasoning Over Spatial Configurations

Poster Number:  AIBD-31
Authors:  Yihua Zhang; Guanhua Zhang; Prashant Khanduri; Mingyi Hong; Shiyu Chang; Sijia Liu
TitleFast-BAT: Revisiting and Advancing Fast Adversarial Training Through The Lens of Bi-Level Optimization

Poster Number:  AIBD-32
Authors:  Yimeng Zhang; Yuguang Yao; Jinghan Jia; Jinfeng Yi;  Mingyi Hong;  Shiyu Chang; Sijia Liu
TitleHow to Robustify Black-Box ML Models? A Zeroth-Order Optimization Perspective

Poster Number:  AIBD-33
Authors:  Julia Zheng; Kevin Liu
TitleIncorporating species tree uncertainty into co-phylogenetic estimations with approximate Bayesian computation
BEACON (NSF award number: 0939454), NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity Grant (award number: DEB-1737898)

Poster Number:  AIBD-34
Authors:  Shengjie Zhu; Xiaoming Liu
TitlevidentDepth: Depth and Pose Estimation from Monocular Video with Evident TranslatioN
National Science Foundation