Michigan State University offers MS and PhD degrees in eleven disciplines. At MSU, Engineering grad students collaborate with faculty and researchers across campus and around the world to explore our biggest challenges, like sustainability, security, materials, health and energy.


Professor Irene Xagoraraki leads the research team for one of Michigan’s largest and oldest wastewater monitoring projects. (Photo by Dale Young, courtesy of Detroit News.)  
​​​​​​​MSU Engineering graduate 900+ at May 6-8 celebrations.
Katharine Walters and Bryce Palmer among seven named Graduate Research Fellows.
The Engineering Graduate Research Symposium returns in-person on April 14.
Jonathon Howard offers a "Student View" on his helium cryogenics research at MSU.
MSU and Spelman College are creating an academic pipeline for data science.
Embracing the old while relishing the gateway to STEM's future.


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