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International Partners and Institutions

Our faculty in the College of Engineering at Michigan State University are working beyond individual institutions and with private sector partners across the countries. They are engaged with the following international locations:

Project Title Funding Agency Country Project Dates
INFEWS/T3: Rethinking Dams: Innovative hydropower solutions to achieve sustainable food and energy production, and sustainable communities National Science Foundation Brazil 01/01/2017-
Appropriate-Scale Mechanization Consortium for Sustainable Intensification USAID (University of Illinois) Burkina Faso 10/01/2015-
Development of Novel High Strength Biodegradable Metals for Temporary Biomedical Implants National Science Foundation Canada, Turkey 09/01/2016-
Collaborative Research on Fast Policy Evaluation Nanjing Univ of Information Science & Technology China 05/01/2016-
Ecological and Circulatory Agricultural Technologies Foreign Agricultural Service China 08/16/2017-
Estimating and Managing Risks of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service China 05/22/2017-
CAREER: Constraining Parton Distribution Functions for New-Physics Searches National Science Foundation China, Germany, Taiwan 08/01/2017-
International partnership on membrane processes for research and educational excellence (MEMPREX) The Research Council of Norway China & Japan, Norway w/Canada 05/11/2017- 12/31/2019
NSF IRES: Engineering sustainable biological solutions for clean energy and water in Costa Rica National Science Foundation Costa Rica 09/01/2014- 08/31/2018
Global Center for Food Systems Innovation US Agency for Intl Development East Africa and Southeast Asia 11/08/2012-
PIRE: Water and Commerce: Technologies to enable environmental sustainability in global markets NSF (Duke University) France, Singapore, Turkey 01/01/2013-
Optimum Design and Active Harmonic Load-Pull Characterization of "SIGe Power Bars" in Power Amplifiers and Driver Electronics Fraunhofer USA (Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics) Germany 12/01/2016-
Dimensionally Aware Rule Extraction from Time Series Data for Intelligent Manufacturing System Automation General Motors Corp Brazil, Germany, Spain and Sweden 03/01/2017-
CRII: CHS: WiFi-based Human Behavior Sensing and Recognition System of Aging in Place National Science Foundation Global 08/15/2016-
BEACON: An NSF Center for the Study of Evolution in Action National Science Foundation Global, Tanzania 08/01/2010-
AFEX: A technology for addressing seasonality in access to quality cattle feed in Africa and India Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation India 06/13/2016-
Evaluation of mobile phones based fingerprint capture technologies Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Caribou Digital Ltd) India 12/01/2017-
Miniaturized Radio-Frequency Identification Tag Takano Corporation Ltd Japan 11/01/2017-
Rapid in-field malaria diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring using a mobile phone National Inst of Health Malawi 01/16/2015-
Family Smoking Cessation in Romania Using Pregnancy as a Window of Opportunity NIH (Fogarty Intl Center) Romania 12/01/2014-
Industrial Technology Innovation Program Korea Evaluation Inst of Industrial Technology South Korea 06/01/2014- 05/31/2019
Rainwater Catchment for Primary School in Buyuni Tanzania Ford Motor Co Fund Tanzania 09/010/2015- 02/28/2018
Quantifying human and climate impacts on wetland ecosystems in the Lower Mekong River Basin National Aeronautics & Space Administration Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam 07/20/2017- 07/19/2020
Goodix Technology Research Gift Goodix Technology Inc United States/Global 01/01/2006-
III: Small: Robust Algorithms for Multi-Task Learning of Spatio-Temporal Data National Science Foundation United States/Global 08/01/2016-
Implementation of Human-powered Bean Thresher for Small-scale Legume Production in Zambia US Agency for Intl Development Zambia 10/01/2015- 03/31/2018