International Research

International Partners and Institutions

Our faculty in the College of Engineering at Michigan State University are working beyond individual institutions and with private sector partners across the countries. They are engaged with the following international locations:

Project Title

Funding Agency


Project Dates

Appropriate Scale Mechanization Consortium USAID Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso 10/01/2015-
Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA III) Family Health International / Agency for International Development Bangladesh, USAID, Guatemala, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda 01/01/2012- 12/31/2016
Fingerprint Capture of Juveniles Using Smartphones VaxTrac/Gates, Bill and Melinda Foundation Benin 10/15/2013-
Measurement Science of Biometrics National Institute of Standards & Technology China 08/16/2011- 08/15/2016
Measurement Science of Biometrics (Phase III) National Institute of Standards & Technology China 08/16/2011- 08/15/2016
CDI-Type II: Collaborative Research: VolcanoSRI: 4D Volcano Tomography in a Large-Scale Sensor Network National Science Foundation Ecuador 09/01/2011- 08/31/2016
Travel support for Student Participation in the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) National Science Foundation France, Greece and Spain 01/01/2016 - 12/31/2016
PIRE: Water and Commerce: Technologies to Enable environmental sustainability in global markets National Science Foundation France, Turkey, Singapore 01/01/2013- 12/31/2017
Fraunhofer Research Center for Coating and Laser Applications Fraunhofer USA Germany 12/01/2002- 12/11/2017
International: Research in Nondestructive Evaluation Technologies National Science Foundation India 05/01/2011- 04/30/2016
Low Cost Skin Patch to Rapidly and Safely Detect Malaria Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Malawi 2016-
Rapid in-field malaria diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring using a mobile phone National Institute of Health Malawi 01/16/2015-
Capacity Building in Pakistan for Fire Risk Management National Academy of Sciences Pakistan 10/01/2013- 09/30/2016
Phage mediated antibiotic resistance gene transfer in marine, freshwater, and extreme environments Defense Threat Reduction Agency (US Civilian Research & Development Foundation) Republic of Georgia 02/12/2015-
Ensuring Microbiological Safety of Water: Bacteriophages as Human Virus surrogates Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar program Republic of Georgia 2014-2016
Family Smoking Cessation in Romania Using Pregnancy as a Window of Opportunity National Institute of Health (Fogarty Inst. of Health) Romania 12/01/2014-
Development of liquid nitrogen based cryogenic machining technology and system for titanium and CGI machining Korea Institute of Industrial Technology South Korea 06/01/2014- 05/31/2019
GOALI: Reliability Enhancement of Electric Drive Systems through Failure Prognosis and Fault Mitigation National Science Foundation Spain 08/15/2011- 07/31/2016
Understanding and Modulation of Interfacial Properties within Plant Cell Wall Pores to Facilitate Enzymatic Deconstruction and Conversion to Biofuels National Science Foundation Sweden 01/01/2014- 12/31/2016
BEACON: An NSF Center for the Study of Evolution in Action National Science Foundation Tanzania 09/01/2010- 07/31/2021
Rainwater Catchment for Primary School in Buyuni Tanzania Ford Motor Company Fund Tanzania 09/01/2015 - 08/31/2016
Engineering Ethics in Tunisia Science Studies, Michigan State University Tunisia 2015-2017

To learn more, check out this YouTube video by MSUToday: Solar laptops in Tanzania - MSU Engineering students and professors bring the wonders of the internet to a village in Tanzania.