Guatemala Solar Dehydrator

Guatemala Solar Dehydrator

Photo of Guatemala Solar Dehydrator Team
Team Members (L to R): Joshua Cresswell, Reace Head, Bingchen Chi, Dylan Etheridge

Photo of the Guatemala Solar Dehydrator

The citizens of Panyebar, Guatemala need a food dehydrator to preserve the micronutrients needed to feed themselves and their children. A decision matrix with the governing parameters of product cost, function, safety, reliability, quality, and operating instructions was created to determine which type of solar dehydrator design best met the customers design parameters. Through this decision matrix, it was determined that the updraft design was the best solar dehydrator design. An updraft solar dehydrator consists of two main parts, the collector box where a greenhouse effect is created to heat up the air coming into the dehydrator, and the drying chamber where the hot air is used to dehydrate racks of food. This air then exits out a chimney at the top of the drying chamber. The final design of the updraft solar dehydrator consisted of a polycarbonate cover and steel lath for the collector box.

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