Greywater Filtration Device for Irrigation

Greywater Filtration Device for Irrigation

Photo of Greywater Filtration Device project team, Zachary Abbott, Quint Darrow, Quinn Putt, Rober Warfield
Team Members (L to R): Zachary Abbott, Quint Darrow, Quinn Putt, Robert Warfield

Photo of the Greywater Filtration Device

Designing a greywater filtration device for rural Kenyan farms was our main objective for these past 15 weeks.  There were multiple designs considered, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. We will quickly recap those and why we moved forward with two of the best designs. Over the past 15 weeks, the team has built and tested two separate filtration prototypes.  The first filter was a slow sand biofilter that utilized natural materials such as rocks, pebbles, and sand but also PVC and plastics for the container and piping. Our second device was a fast sand filter which used much of the same materials as the slow sand filter but was constructed in order to maximize flow rate and water output.  After fully constructed, a sample of water was made to replicate the greywater with soaps and oils they would be using in Thika, Kenya.  This greywater was then passed through each filtration device and tested for quality once it came through.  As expected, the slow sand filter performed better than the fast sand filter, but both devices adequately filtered the harmful chemicals down to a concentration that the crops can handle.  A detailed instructions manual coupled with a simple design are required in order for this filter to gain traction in Kenya.  Simon, our international advisor in Kenya, needs to be able to open the instructions and seamlessly forge through installation.

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How to Build a Fast Sand Filter for Irrigation (.pdf)