Get Involved

Community service and helping people around the world is a great experience. As an engineer, some of your greatest contributions may be in helping the poor populations of the world and solving problems that may improve the quality of life for someone or even an entire community. Helping just one person or saving just one life is a success.

How to Get Involved

MSU Courses

MSU currently offers two different courses that directly relate to impacting third world countries and improving the quality of life of human beings.

ME 491 - Selected Topics in Mechnical Engineering

ME 478 - Product Development

OR you can search for related courses at the MSU registrar site.

Engineering Undergraduate Grant for Dire Needs Overseas

Two donors have contributed personal funds to establish an expendable grant that will benefit worthy and capable engineering students enrolled at Michigan State University who wish to enhance the lives of individuals living beyond the nation's borders in a state of abject poverty. Congratulations to Joe Aljajawi, Adam Kluz, Adam Lyman, and Alex Morita, for being awarded this grant!

Engineering Undergraduate Grant for Dire Needs Overseas - Announcement (.pdf)

"This is not the world you want to pass on to your children, for it is a world in which fewer and fewer people have more and more chances, while the majority faces tough decisions about how to feed and educate their children and keep them safe. Such disparities can make the world an ugly and unsafe place that breeds resentments over the lack of readily available possibility."

Paul Farmer
(1959 - present)
Professor Harvard University