India Street Cleaner

India Street Cleaner

India Street Cleaner: (left to right) Brooke Otterbein, Yu Sang, Dan Blair, Josh Dewys

Team: (left to right) Brooke Ottenbein, Yu Sang, Dan Blair, Josh Dewys

India Street Cleaner

Roads in India are frequently cleaned by brooms and other hand-held devices. This is inefficient because of the amount of time it takes and the undesirable health effects such as dust inhalation, the dehyration of the operators, bacterial infections causing vomiting and diarrhea, malaria, skin disease, and typhoid. More so, problems involoved with effectively picking up trash include the weather conditions, which can be extremely hot and also rainy during the monsoon season.

Recently, the Indian government has launched an initiative know as the "Clean India Mission," which has set the goal to have India clean by the date of Mahatma Gandhi's 150 birthday, in 2019. Due to this mission statement, there is a need for a more efficient and healthy way to collect the trash in the form of a device attached to a human pedal-powered tricycle. Safety and health are of great concern, so the device allows the operator to pick up the trash and place it into a temporary storage unit without actually touching the trash. In order to navigate the sometimes rough terrain on the roadways in India, the device is durable and stable. This manually-powered street cleaner will provide a much more effient and sanitary means of cleaning the streets of India, thereby assisting in the progression of the "Clean India Mission."

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