Academy for Global Engagement Fellowship Program

"We are the disrupters; we are the people folks want to emulate, because we are doing new and different things with the capacity to take risks. That capacity to take calculated risks has been a part of this University for a very, very long time, and must be a part of its future."

Lou Anna K. Simon, Michigan State University President


The College of Engineering and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University are partnering together to administer the Academy for Global Engagement Fellowship program for early career, tenure-track faculty in both colleges. With the University placing an increased emphasis on its global footprint, we must continuously innovate to provide leadership interested in addressing some of the worlds most pressing problems.

Academy for Global Engagement

The purpose of the Academy is to:

  • Build a growing cohort of faculty who both regularly participate in global activities and view their scholarship through a global lens
  • Heighten global awareness and discourse
  • Elevate the status of MSU’s global mission
  • Take advantage of campus resources in international programming
  • Capitalize on opportunities to leverage external resources and partnerships, particularly larger scale procurements
  • Overtime, to impact development of global priorities and influence high level strategies to address them

Expectations over the course of Fellows Year

  • Regular meetings with faculty mentor
  • Participation in on-campus meetings and off-campus retreats
  • Attendance at the Global Fellows Recognition and Welcome Reception and Dinner at the beginning and the end of the Fellow year.
  • Annual trip to Washington DC funding agencies.
  • International trip to collaborating research institutions and partners.
  • Presentation of project posters on completion of fellow year at the Recognition Dinner.
  • A well-defined major international research project ready for submission

2015 Fellows

2014 Fellows

(Learn more about the Fellows here) (.pdf)

  • Dr. Meredith Gore - CANR
  • Dr. David Ortega - CANR
  • Dr. Adam Lock - CANR
  • Dr. Laura Schmitt Olabisi - CANR
  • Dr. David Hodge - College of Engineering
  • Dr. Nazir Lajnef - College of Engineering
  • Dr. Peter Lillehoj - College of Engineering
  • Dr. Wen Li - College of Engineering
  • Dr. Xiaoming Liu - College of Engineering

2015 Calendar of Events (Coming soon!)

Application Process

Recruiting will begin in September 2015 for the 2016 cohort.

  • The application process will begin with a public announcement including an invitation to apply.
  • Applicants will be asked to submit the following materials:
    • A current curriculum vitae
    • Signatures of support from College Dean and Department Chair
    • A letter expressing strong support from an immediate supervisor
    • A one-page statement of interest
    • A two-page statement of international research interests that:
      • identifies a project goal
      • identifies one or more possible international sites
      • explains how the project fits into long-term research goals

Click either of the images below to see and print the 2-page document - Adobe Acrobat (.pdf).

 Flyer Academy for Global Engagement Fellowship Program - overview

Flyer Academy for Global Engagement Fellowship Program - application

From Left: Exec VP Satish Udpa (MSU) and Dr. Hiram Larew (Director, Center for Int’l Programs NIFA/USDA) MSU Faculty and Staff Participation
 Dean Leo Kempel, Engineering  Audience Participation
 Audience Participation  From Left: Dr. John Albrecht (MSU Engineering ECE), Dr. Karen Duca (USAID), Dr. Paul Hunt (OVPRGS), Dr. Hiram Larew (USDA), Dr. Sue Schram (Consultant)
 Audience Participation  Panel of Experts Addressing How to Establish Relationships with Funders
 From Left: Dr. Chuck Chopak (DAI), Dr. John Albrecht (MSU Engineering ECE), Dr. Karen Duca (USAID)