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Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) is Accepting New Applications!

Development Innovation Ventures (DIV)

Do you have a breakthrough idea to solve a global development problem? USAID wants to hear from you!

USAID's open innovation program--Development Innovation Ventures (DIV)--is accepting new applications to test and scale creative solutions to any global development challenge. Anyone, anywhere can apply at any time!

DIV provides tiered grant funding (from $50,000 to $5,000,000) to test new ideas and scale the best solutions that demonstrate rigorous evidence of impact, cost-effectiveness, and a viable pathway to scale.

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Global Innovation Exchange Funding Opportunities

Global Innovation Exchange

The Global Innovation Exchange is a global online marketplace for innovations, funding, insights, resources and conversations, allowing the world to better work together to address humanity’s greatest challenges.
Global Innovation Exchange

Who We Are and Why We’re Here

The Exchange was co-created with over 100 international organizations from across government, business, academia and civil society who wanted to help tackle the following challenges together:

    How do we ensure the best ideas are getting the right resources?
    How do we ensure that anyone with a good idea can contribute to international development?
    How do we make it easier to access the resources available?
    How can we better connect the supply of solutions with the actual demand for them?
    How can we reduce the duplication of innovations in development?
    How do we rapidly expand the most successful innovations and bring them around the world?

The Exchange is also designed to support complementary initiatives around the world including the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, innovation challenges, and innovation initiatives with donors, NGOs, governments, and the private sector. We work collaboratively with other platforms and organizations to amplify and connect their work with the world.

To learn more, visit our website.


D-Prize Distribution Equals Development

D-Prize wants to award you up to $20,000 to solve the world's global health, energy, education, and corruption challenges. You make up the next generation of social impact leaders and we want to hear your ideas! Check out our competition, select one of the challenges, and then pitch your two-page idea to D-Prize. Up to 15 winners will be awarded seed capital and given support to launch a pilot. Join the competition at

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Looking to get your #bopbiz idea funded? Apply for @thedprize, which awards grants to ventures distributing poverty-tech!

Schoenl Family Undergraduate Grants for Dire Needs Overseas

Photo of Laura Bailey (2014) speaking to some residents of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

The purpose of the Schoenl Family Undergraduate Grant for Dire Needs Overseas Undergraduate is to identify and fund the most outstanding projects which will serve dire human needs in countries other than the U.S. The grants must be used within a 12-month period to make an impact that will help alleviate dire human needs. The amount awarded depends on available funds and project scope. Typical grant funding is $1,200 for a Level I award and $1,800 for a Level II award.

For deadlines, applications and other information about the grants, visit the MSU Honors College website.