Design of the Academy for Global Engagement

The academy is designed in the following way:

  • A cohort of 8-10 faculty, nominated by department chairs and Deans, beginning with the 2014 calendar year; faculty must commit for one full calendar year
  • Academy covers basic costs associated with each activity with the expectation that faculty will participate in every activity
  • CANR's Center for Global Connections will logistically support the Academy
  • There will be a series of lectures throughout the year covering a number of topics:
    • The phenomenon of globalization
    • Senior faculty members dicuss career experiences of their own best practices of international engagement
    • A junior faculty member’s view on international work
    • Education Abroad: planning and leading
    • The experience of foreign born/trained faculty members
    • ISP: what it is – how it works –how you can be involved
    • Area Study Centers – understanding how they operate and how to work with them
    • Major ongoing campus initiatives, including experiences with major funders
    • Stakeholder discussion – who is globally active, who works where, whom do we engage
    • Major funder relationships – USAID/NSF/NIH/USDA/ Gates/Mastercard
    • Relationships with development firms
  • The year will end with a “Capstone Global Immersion Experience”
    • Here faculty participants will travel to an international partner institution that they identify earlier in the program
    • Faculty from MSU and their partner institutions will work together on the campus of the partner institution to strengthen their research ideas so they can culminate in an external grant proposal, a journal article that will be submitted for publication, and/or developing a paper to be presented at a professional conference.