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Funding Priorities

Funding Priorities

The #1 priority within the College is endowment. An endowment is a gift made on the condition that the principal is continually preserved and that only a percentage of the interest is spent annually. The College of Engineering invites you to pledge your support toward an endowed fund. Please take a few moments to peruse the listing of endowed funds within the College of Engineering segmented by department. Unsure of where to designate within your department? See your Chair's recommendations listed beneath the red highlighted headings.

College-wide Initiatives

Dean's recommendation:

  • The "Dedicated to Recruiting Engineers for America and Michigan " (DREAM) Endowed Scholarship in Engineering
    This pooled endowment was established in 2007 by Richard H. Brown (ME BS 1971) and Nancy H. Brown. It is the Browns wish to work proactively with alumni and friends of the College of Engineering to provide a permanent and reliable source of funding to help recruit and retain outstanding students – particularly domestic students to the program. In doing so, the DREAM scholarship will provide leverage to the College of Engineering when it comes to attracting promising students from Michigan and across the US to the College.
  • College of Engineering Robotics Fund (A3005125)
    The robotics programs engage students in real-world engineering challenges by building robots to complete tasks on a thematic playing surface. MSU's College of Engineering mentors and sponsors over thirty VEX  and ten VEXIQ teams each year targeting historically underrepresented/economically challenged elementary, middle and high schools in the State of Michigan.  The MSU sponsored teams are mentored by the collegiate VEX Robotics team of  the College of Engineering at Michigan State University.
  • Thomas F. Wolff College of Engineering Undergraduate Student Activities Endowed Fund (A3005166)
    Established to recognize Tom Wolff’s long tenure in the College of Engineering. This fund is intended to provide the College of Engineering with general dollars to support any number of initiatives directly related to undergraduate student activities, including but not limited to, academic initiatives, student programs, or tuition support.

Applied Engineering Sciences Program (Formerly Engineering Arts)

  • Applied Engineering Sciences Discretionary Endowment Fund (A3091) This pooled endowment was established in 2004 to encourage and establish a stronger base of financial support for program promotion and marketing to industry and potential employers, scholarships and recognition, and activities and special projects.
  • Olympic Scholarship in Engineering (A3005131)
    This undergraduate scholarship was established by two dedicated alumni in an effort to aid engineering students in attaining their college education. The goal of this award is to encourage students who demonstrate leadership and passion, much like that of an Olympic champion, for MSU and the field of engineering. By taking advantage of the opportunities offered both in and out the classroom, such motivation and commitment can be demonstrated through employment experiences (internships & co-op), student organization involvement and/or service to the community and profession. It is also the hope of the founding supporters that other alumni and friends will get into the spirit and feel compelled to give back.

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Department Chair's recommendations:

  • Chemical Engineering Enhancement Fund (A30209)
    Gifts to this fund will provide flexible dollars that can be directed towards the greatest area of need within the CHEMS department.
  • W.G. Shedd Materials Science Endowed Discretionary Fund (A30214)
    Gifts to this fund will be used by the department chairman to provide ongoing support to the areas of greatest need for the development of the Materials Science program.
  • C.M. Cooper Memorial Scholarship in Chemical Engineering (A3026)
    Initiated in 2001 by Morris Place (ChE BS 1960) in memory of Dr. C.M. Cooper, Professor of chemical engineering for 32 years (1949-1981), this pooled fund benefits students pursuing a chemical engineering degree.
  • Chemical Engineering Chairperson's Endowed Discretionary Fund (A3020)
    This pooled endowment was initiated in 2003 by former Chemical Engineering Chairperson Donald K. Anderson and his wife Gina G. Garrett. It is intended to provide flexible funds for the benefit of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Department Chair's recommendation:

  • Civil & Environmental Engineering Endowed Discretionary Fund (A3033)
    Created by Harold (CEE BS 1947) and Doris Neumann, this fund is available to advance the work of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department through student scholarships, faculty development opportunities, student engineering competitions, research projects, or other worthy endeavors. 
  • Chi Epsilon - NTH Consultants Scholarship Fund
    This pooled endowment fund was established by employees of NTH Consultants, an infrastructure and environmental engineering firm to make scholarship awards to members of the Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society. Students are invited to join Chi Epsilon during their junior or senior year based on scholarship and individual merit.
  • Civil Infrastructure Laboratory Enhancement Fund
    This pooled endowment fund was established to provide support to maintain the facilities and provide improvements and equipment upgrades to the Civil Infrastructure Laboratory in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the College of Engineering. 
  • The Mackenzie L. Davis Student Activity Discretionary Endowment Fund (A30306)
    Gifts to this fund will honor Professor Mac Davis’s retirement from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The fund will be used to support the activities of student organizations such as the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge Teams.
  • Thomas L. and Ellen E. Maleck Endowed Excellence Fund in Civil Engineering (A30321)
    This endowment was created by MSU Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Thomas Maleck (CEE BS 1966; MS 1972; Ph.D. 1980) and his wife Ellen (Education BA 1967; MA 1972; Ed.S. 1983). The purpose of this fund is to help students enrich their academic experience by participating in co-curricular activities related to the engineering profession, such as education abroad, attendance at national professional conferences, and competing in national events (i.e., steel bridge and concrete canoe programs).
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering Endowed Scholarship (A30300)
    This pooled endowment provides financial assistance for Engineering undergraduates who require financial assistance

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Department Chair's recommendation: 

  • Computer Science and Engineering Horizon Fund (A30479)
    This pooled endowment was created in 2008 around the department’s 40th anniversary. The Horizon Fund creates new horizons for MSU in computer science education, research, and service. It helps retain world-class faculty and students though recruitment, by obtaining state-of-the-art equipment, and enabling pursuit of high reward/high risk startup ventures in undergraduate education.
  • Carl V. Page Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship (A3043) 
    This endowment was established in 1997 in memory of Carl V. Page, professor of computer science. This pooled fund was established to provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students at Michigan State University who are majoring in computer science or who have demonstrated an interest in and an aptitude for computer science studies.
  • Computer Science Scholarship/Fellowship Fund (A3041)
    Recipients of this annually renewable scholarship/fellowship are outstanding full-time undergraduate or graduate students, who have declared an interest in or a major in Computer Science studies, and have a financial need. 
  • The John Forsyth and Gretchen Duerr Forsyth Endowed Scholarship (A3048)
    This endowment was created in 2002 by professor emeritus and alumnus John (ECE BS 1962; MS 1963; PhD 1971) and Gretchen (Social Science BS 1963) Forsyth, for excellent undergraduate students whose presence promotes diversity within computer science. 

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department Chair's recommendation:

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Discretionary Endowment Fund (A30507)
    Gifts to this fund will provide flexible dollars that can be used to position the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department among the premier programs in the country in education, research and service to the community.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department Chair's recommendation:

  • Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Fellowship Endowment
    This endowment, initiated in 2004 with funds from various donors and industry partners, supports the recruitment and funding of fellowships for new graduate students entering a mechanical engineering program, with a primary emphasis on outstanding students who intend to pursue their Ph.D. degree.
  • Mechanical Engineering Faculty Teaching Fellowship Endowment (A3069)
    This fellowship was designed by the faculty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, to assist graduate students who hold teaching assistantship appointments from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Design Endowment
    This endowment, created in 2004 with donations received from individuals and industry partners, supports the programs, activities and initiatives related to the Department of Mechanical Engineering¡¯s design program. It includes support for the Design Manufacturing Learning Center and the Department of Mechanical Engineering's hallmark design program for undergraduate students. Further, it provides funding for relevant student projects, scholarships or travel to national competitions; pre-collegiate programs; equipment; manufacturing fellowships; and curriculum development.
  • Mechanical Engineering Commemorative Endowment (A3067)
    This endowment, established with gifts from numerous alumni and friends in 1966, provides important matching funds for sponsored grants, as supplementary funds for financial aid to students, and for other similar uses to build the academic programs of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.