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Electrical Engineering includes the study of electrical and electronic circuits and devices, power, communications, signal processing and systems control. 

Computer Engineering majors study theory, design, and applications of computers and information processing.



Electrical engineering majors explore the analysis of electrical and electronic circuits and devices, signal processing, and the design and analysis of modern electrical systems. So...if you turn it on, chances are that an electrical engineer had something to do with it. Electrical engineers move information from place to place. We can thank them for cell phones, satellite transmissions, and television. In addition, electrical engineers are the big movers and shakers of the energy world, literally. They take energy from hydroelectric plants, solar panels, fuel cells, and turbines and move it to factories, homes, and businesses. Career opportunities include circuit design, materials processing, communications, robotics, and biomedical engineering.


Industries / Careers

Manufacturing       Consumer Electronics      

Automotive           Defense

Insurance             Communications

Aerospace            Government




Robotics and Control 

Biomedical Engineering

Micro/Nano Electronics

Materials and Devices


Energy and Power Systems

Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems

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