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Hello, Teachers!

You are already aware of the impact you have on the lives of your students, including influencing their decision of what major to pick in college. It's important for you to advise students to consider engineering, especially those who have strong problem solving skills and an interest in math and science. Just mentioning some of the neat things engineers do could spark a student's interest, and the next thing you know, they'll be creating life-saving antibiotics, super-strength building materials, and fuel efficient cars. If you are not aware of all the options for a career in engineering, don't worry - the possibilities are endless! Supply students with basic information and remind them that they can do just about anything they want to with an engineering degree. Everything in the classroom from the carpet, to the lighting, to the computers, to the desks was touched by an engineer of some kind. Help them expand their idea of what an engineer is and does. Find out more about What Engineers Do...

Make sure you see our new Research Experience for Teachers program, where STEM teachers can learn new curriculum to keep their students involved in engineering.

Introduce your Students to Engineering at Michigan State University!

Get your students involved in engineering activities now! There are quite a few K-12 Programs available for students of all ages during the summer. Visit the programs tab on the K-12 page to see all our summer programs offered here. We also offer Preview Day, where juniors and seniors can get a feel for what it would be like to attend MSU. See the K-12 Education page for more information.  Encourage YOUR students to check us out and see where engineering can take them!

For more chances to talk with students and see what goes on in the College of Engineering, come visit us for Design Day. You'll get to see what our students have been working on all semester!

College Prep

Advise your students to take college prep classes! Check out the MSU Future Students webpage for more information about everything from college preparatory curriculum to student life.

Keep engineering on their minds!

  • Give your students information about what engineers do.
  • Relate class activities to engineering and incorporate problem solving.
  • Talk about current events and the latest accomplishments of engineers in the news.