Photo of RET faculty This Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) Site on Robotics Engineering for Better Life and Sustainable Future continues a previous successful RET program, RET Site on Bio-Inspired Technology and Systems (BITS), at Michigan State University.

What are the goals of RET?

  • To train High School and Middle School STEM teachers in developing student confidence and skills to succeed in a global market.
  • To form a strong partnership between MSU, NSF ERC for WIMS, school districts, and industry on advanced pre-college science and engineering education.
  • To develop and implement innovative curriculum by translating cutting-edge curriculum education from the University into classrooms.
  • Spark the interest of students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).
  • Train teachers to ultimately develop students’ confidence and skills to succeed in a dynamic and competitive global marketplace.
  • Develop innovative curriculum that integrates interdisciplinary, hands-on learning with national and state standards.

Approach / MethodsGroup in front of engineering mural


  • 12 STEM teachers/year, 6-week Summer Institute on Robotics Engineering for Better Life and Sustainable Future
  • Close interactions between faculty, grad/undergrad students, and RET fellows

Development of standards-compliant curriculum

  • During Summer Institute and the Fall semester
  • Implement in classroom during the Spring semester

Project-based learning for students during semesters

  • Coached by RET fellows
  • MSU College of Engineering Design Day
  • Annual workshop to disseminate new curricula for school teachers, administrators, and university faculty.

A typical Summer Institute schedule can be found here. (PDF)