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Mechanical Engineering applies fundamental principles of mechanics and thermodynamics to design. Mechanical engineers are involved in the design, manufacture, and testing of essentially every product of modern society.

Mechanical engineers design almost everything that you would consider to be a machine, from jet airplanes to coffee pots to bicycles. Mechanical engineering applies the fundamental principles of mechanics and thermosciences to design. You can thank mechanical engineers for thrilling roller coaster rides like the Top Thrill Dragster. But mechanical engineering is not limited to just machines. It also influences products such as shoes, light bulbs, and even doors. There are mechanical engineering job opportunities in areas of air conditioning and refrigeration, automotives, manufacturing, welding, and robotics. Other careers cross over into other Engineering disciplines, working on everything from artificial organs to massive manufacturing machines.


Cardiovascular and Orthopedic Mechanics

Vibrations and Controls

Manufacturing and Advanced Cutting Tools

Composite Vehicle Research

Energy and Automotive Research




Energy Production


Biomedical & Pharmaceutical


Food Processing

Heating & Cooling

Product Design


Mechanical Engineering

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