By Tiegan Cunningham, Applied Engineering Sciences Senior


As Finals Week approaches, students are busy finishing up their classes with assignments and projects. Considering final exams are typically worth around 30-40% of a class grade, students should spend a lot of time on studying and preparation. Here are a few study tips to ace your finals!

  • Make sure to read through your syllabus and check with your professor to see if your final is cumulative. This means that the exam will cover the topics through the entire semester, not just the last few sections.
  • Help rooms can be very useful during finals week. Depending on your class, there may be help rooms offered throughout the semester and before finals. This is a great way to work with a TA or tutor to understand and solve problems.
  • Visit your professor’s office hours if you have more specific questions about either the final or your overall grade in the class.
  • Create a study group with your fellow classmates to discuss your class material and practice problems with. Many find it easier to understand and remember topics if they discuss it with their peers!
  • Make sure you manage your time properly! Even though there are no classes during finals week, you still need to manage your time to make sure you study enough for each class.
  • Finally, be sure to get enough sleep and eat well while studying for finals. This will make sure you’re energized and your mind is healthy for studying.