By Tiegan Cunningham, Applied Engineering Sciences Junior

Whether it’s to help pay for school or late night snacks, many students have part-time jobs while going to school here at MSU. Most jobs on and off campus are very flexible with student’s schedules, giving them as many or as little hours as they need and working around their classes. The following are a few examples of these jobs.

On-Campus Jobs

The Residential and Hospitality Services hires many students each year. Students can work front desks in residential dorms, do catering for events, or work in our on-campus hotel, The Kellogg Center. A large number of students work in Culinary with jobs in cafeterias, Sparty’s cafes, on-campus Starbucks and Biggby, concessions at sporting events, and MSU Bakers.

Students can also work for multiple events on campus, including ushering shows at the Wharton, games at the Breslin or Football Stadium, or helping MSU police with event parking. Infrastructure is also a great area to work in to help keep campus clean and beautiful. Other possibilities for jobs around campus include campus tours, libraries, student government, MSU Greenline, and The State News. To see all of the currently-hiring jobs on campus, go to the Career Services Network link at the end of this article.

Within The College of Engineering

In addition to all of the on-campus jobs listed above, there are also many job opportunities within the College of Engineering. Students could find work as tutors for general engineering courses, working in informational technology services, or assisting in one of the many offices within the college. Some of these offices include The Diversity Programs Office, The Career Center, and the Office of Recruitment and K-12 Outreach.

Many engineering students also have jobs doing research with a professor or teaching assistant. This is a great way for students to get hands on experience within their major while in school. Students can get involved in research by contacting a professor working on a subject the student is interested in.

Off-Campus Jobs

If students want to go off-campus for a job, there are multiple places that hire on Grand River Ave, at Meridian Mall, and many other areas. Student could work on in a variety of stores, restaurants, fast food, and cafés on Grand River Ave (directly north of campus) and a variety or clothing stores, sports shops, and shoe stores at Meridian Mall. Students can check in with the location they are interested in to see when they are hiring.


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