On December 7th, Design Day filled the MSU Union with Spartan Engineers and hundreds of local high school and middle school students. Many engineering courses end with or are centered around a team design project where students apply what they have learned by constructing a project to be presented at Design Day. 

Freshmen to Senior level engineers work on these projects each year to build up the knowledge and skills for their capstone projects. Capstone courses are the “grand finale” of all of the engineering courses, where a group of students works with an actual company to solve a real problem. Students spend the entire semester working with the company and professors to design and build a project that will solve the companies problem.

 Bosch, GM, Chrysler, GE, Shell, Boeing, Motorola, and many other companies host these projects every year for our Senior Engineers. Beginning with smaller design projects, students learn the basics of design in our introductory engineering courses. Following this, their major courses will give students the opportunity to work with specific engineering programs and hands on work such as machining.