By Tiegan Cunningham, Applied Engineering Sciences Junior

Many students who are interested in engineering may wonder what type of job opportunities they may have when they graduate. Through internships and co-ops, they can discover that each engineering major can provide a variety of job opportunities. Overall, 96% of Spartan Engineers have job placement when they graduate with on average 1.85 job offers with a starting salary of $65,000. Though many graduates start their career in Michigan (63%), many will begin their career elsewhere around the US (37%).

The following are a few examples of the diverse jobs available for each major.

Applied Engineering Sciences

AES graduates are uniquely qualified to function in a variety of employment settings and bring engineering skills to diverse business settings. A few recent job titles of AES graduates are Supply Chain Analyst, Project Manager, Materials Planner, District Sales Engineer, Production Planner, Associate Transportation Planner, and Technical Sales Engineer.

Biosystems Engineering

Biosystems Engineers are employed by a wide range of employers that need engineers with expertise in biological systems. Biosystems engineers go into a variety of fields, including bioenergy, biomedical, ecosystems, and food industries. Recent titles of graduates include Manufacturing Engineer, Laboratory Technician, Medical Device Development Engineer, and Thermal Systems Engineer.

Chemical Engineering

Most of the jobs opportunities for Chemical Engineers are found in the chemical process industries, as well as research laboratories and the automotive, computer, and utilities industries. Some job titles of recent graduates include Process Engineer, Project Engineer, Field Engineer, Controls Engineer, Petroleum Engineers, and Environmental Testing Engineer.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers make structures such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, roads and railways all possible. Careers are available all over; recent graduates have gone into areas of government, consulting, construction, research, and education. Recent job titles of graduates include Design Engineer, Statewide Signals Operations Engineer, Structural Engineer, Transportation Engineer, and Assistant Bridge Engineer.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is still a relatively new field in the engineering world and focuses on hardware and software. Some job titles of recent graduates include Real Time System Design Engineer, Computer Architect, Consulting Engineer, Data Communications Engineer, Software Developer, and Hardware Development Engineer.

Computer Science

Computers have permeated nearly all areas of human activity and there is a rapidly increasing demand for Computer Scientists to make them effective, efficient, and entertaining. A diverse range of businesses are seeking qualified graduates including online companies, computer technology companies, media companies, mobile app developers, service businesses, product designers and manufacturers. Job titles of recent graduates include Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Software Engineer, Consultant, and IT Programmer Analyst.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers are extremely versatile that their work can be associated with many engineering disciplines or natural science disciplines. Electrical Engineers can go into many areas of work, including materials and semiconductors, general circuit design, electronic controllers, robotics, and manufacturing. Job titles of recent graduates include Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Software Engineer, Test Engineer, and Chip Architect.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineers use the principles of biology and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems. Environmental Engineers work in a variety of areas, including design municipal water supply and industrial waste water treatment systems, conduct research on the environmental impact of proposed construction projects, analyze scientific data, and perform quality-control checks. Recent job titles of graduates include Environmental Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Air Quality Staff Engineer, and Site Solutions Associate.

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Engineers plan and implement laboratory operations to develop material fabrication procedures for new materials. Graduates of Materials Science and Engineering are employed with companies producing ceramics, glasses, metals, alloys, polymers, and composites. Job titles of recent graduates include Materials Engineer, Physics Engineer, Project Engineer, Metallurgist, and Ceramics Process Engineer.

Mechanical Engineering

The skills that Mechanical Engineers acquire through their college education have the widest area of application of all engineers and lead to the greatest diversity of employment opportunities. The Mechanical Engineer's domain is the realm of motion and energy. Mechanical Engineers design and build automobiles, aircraft, rocket ships, and much more. Some job titles of recent graduates include Product Engineer, Testing Engineer, Systems Engineer, Product Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, and Weaponry Mechanical Engineer.


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