Welcome, High School Juniors and Seniors!

Thanks for checking out the College of Engineering at Michigan State University! We know that choosing a university and a major is an important decision. With all of the opportunities available here, we hope you'll find that Engineering at MSU is the right fit for you! Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision about your future. If you have any other questions after browsing our site, feel free to contact us.

Presentations & Tours

Interested in becoming a Spartan Engineer?  Our presentations and tours are a great opportunity for you to learn more about the admission process, programs and majors, and tour our labs and facilities. Sign up today!

When to Apply!

Visit the MSU Admissions page to find out the latest tips on the application process.

Resources for You!


What About Classes?

Spartan Engineering prerequisites include...

Successfully completing the following courses:

  • WRA 101 or 150
  • CEM 141 and CEM 161 (Except for Computer Science Majors)
  • EGR 102 or CSE 231 for Computer Engineering or Computer Science Majors; CSE 220 for Electrical Engineers, or CMSE 202 for Computational Data Science Majors
  • MTH 132
  • MTH 133
  • PHY 183

What does this mean for me?

  • Take as many math and science classes as you can!
  • Keep your GPA up!  Our incoming freshmen have a  3.0 - 3.5 minimum GPA in technical courses, depending on which major they choose.

What makes Engineering at Michigan State so great?

Michigan State is a Big Ten University, and with that comes big opportunity for you to learn and succeed. The campus will seem as big or small as you make it, depending on your level of involvement. Check out all of your options for Student Life at MSU.

Join a Student Organization!

With more than 30 organizations and several design competitions, you have many opportunities to get involved in something that you're interested in!  Just to mention a few, there's...Engineers Without Borders, Society of Women Engineers,  Mini Baja Team, Solar Car Team, and many more!  Find the perfect student group for you!

Residential Option for Freshmen!

Freshmen have the option to partake in our Cornerstone & Residential (CoRe) program.  Students live in Wilson Hall where other engineering and science students are placed on floors based on interest area (environmental, health, etc.) Not only is Wilson Hall close to the Engineering building, but it also has advisers, tutors, a lab, and one of the required courses right in the building! Follow this link to the CoRe website to learn more.

Education Abroad Opportunities!

Want to get out and see the world? Michigan State has one of the largest education abroad programs in the nation, including programs directed towards engineering in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, France, Korea, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Tanzania,  and Turkey. Get credit towards your degree while you gain a broader understanding of engineering across the globe! Click here to check out all of the programs!

Junior & Senior Programs!

We have programs for high school juniors & seniors interested in engineering!  Sign up today to get involved!