How stuff works -website screen shot

  How Stuff Works

  Ever wondered how escalators, ballpoint pens, zippers, or just about anything works? Check out this site!

First Lego League - website screen shot

  First LEGO League

  This international program challenges 9-14-year-olds to build, program, and test fully autonomous robots made exclusively

  from LEGO blocks. Click here for the website or check out our FIRST LEGO League summer program!

Zoom Into Engineering - screen shot

  Zoom Into Engineering

  Check out all of the different fun engineering projects you can do by yourself! Hands-on engineering experience right here!

Nasa Space Place - website screen shot

  NASA Space Place

  Are you interested in space exploration? This site from NASA has out-of-this-world games, projects, animations, and more!    Check it out here.

Discover Engineering - website screen shot

  Discover Engineering

  This incredible site has many games, activities, videos, and fun facts about engineering.

Engineer Girl - website screen shot

  Engineer Girl

  An engineering website with activities, facts, career information, and much more for girls. Check it out!

Engineer Your Life - website screen shot

  Engineer Your Life

  A guide to engineering for high school girls.

  Dream big. I love what you do. Click here to find out how!


  Check out this site for fun engineering games and projects!