Questions and Answers for Summer Programs


1. Do you offer scholarships?

We do not offer scholarships for the summer programs. The program fee is very competitive and it covers tuition, fees, room and board, social activities, equipments, supplies, and risk management insurance.

Payment by credit card only.


2. Do students have to spend the night?

Yes, this is part of the residential program experience and they must spend the night.


3. Who will be watching the students in the dorms?

Students are constantly supervised by our team engineering student mentors. The mentors also stay in the dorms during the duration of the stay. All of our personnel must pass background checks every year.


4. Do they need to bring spending money?

The only thing the students will need spending money for is if they would like to purchase souvenirs or extra snacks.


5. Will the students need to bring linens?

Linens are provided; however, students can bring their own to feel more comfortable. (Sheets are size twin extra long.)


6. May I have visitors during my stay?

Due to security issues, we do not permit any visitors.


7. May I leave Campus?

Due to safety concerns, students must stay on campus for the duration of the program.


8. May I drive myself?

No, in order to park in University parking lots you must have a permit. You can not get a permit unless you are a current MSU student.


9. Will I be able to choose my roommate?

We believe that meeting new people is part of the college experience. Therefore, we do not allow students to choose their own roommate. This helps students learn how to adapt to new environments. However, if there is incompatibility of characters between roommates, changes can be made.


10. I am an out of state or international student. How can I travel to MSU?

There are several options to come to MSU. One would be to fly directly into Lansing, MI (MSU is 15 minutes away), where we will pick you up from the airport, if necessary and then take you to a hotel or to the camp, depending on your arrival date and time. The other option would be to fly into Detroit, MI and take the Michigan Flyer: to East Lansing, where MSU is located. The bus stops at the Marriott Hotel, right next to campus. If it is the case that you need transportation from either the Lansing airport or the Marriott hotel bus stop, please let us know your choice and send us a detailed itinerary. We will make the necessary arrangements to pick you up and drop you off.