IntroductionTwo professors in the civil infrastructure lab

Ensuring safety due to the slow degradation of an aging bridge or the unforeseen extreme demands of an earthquake or a fire on a building and developing innovations that would allow future engineered systems have improved durability efficiency and safety is the continuing challenge of researchers in the areas of materials, transportation systems, and structural engineering. The Civil Infrastructure Laboratory is a facility dedicated for research on materials, transportation systems and structures, thus allowing the faculty at MSU's Department of Civil Engineering to address the mentioned challenge. The laboratory is provided with diverse space and equipment for micro-, meso- and macro (large)-scale testing under simulated loads (e.g., truck bridge traffic, maximum loads on building/bridge components, seismic loads, fire, freeze/thaw effects, etc.). The laboratory is linked to the MSU's computer services, features office space for faculty, technicians and students and is supported by affiliated machine and wood shops.