Welcome, High School Guidance Counselors!

You play a key role in providing students with information regarding their educational decisions. You may know students who have strong interests in math and science with potential for engineering. These students need your help in deciding what engineering program is right for them and working through the application process. We hope that creative, analytical students with good problem solving skills will consider applying to the Engineering College at Michigan State! Make sure interested Juniors and Seniors check us out!

Applying to the College

Prospective engineering students first need to be admitted as students at Michigan State University; they are not directly admitted to an engineering program. Students can wait until their junior year to choose a major and apply to a specific engineering program. However, a student in good standing may apply to the college as early as their second semester at MSU - check out the College of Engineering admissions page for details. For students interested in applying to MSU, get more info and an online application at the Office of Admissions Homepage.

College Prep

Advise students to take college prep classes! Check out the MSU Future Students webpage for more information about everything from college preparatory curriculum to student life.

Endless Possibilities!

Students will probably be curious about the kinds of jobs that engineers have and what engineers do. Let them know that the career opportunities in engineering are limited only by their imaginations! Engineers design and produce everything from cars to computers to synthetic tissue!

Visiting the College of Engineering

Students interested in engineering at MSU may want to come and see what the college has to offer. Have them sign up to for a tour and a chance to ask any questions they might have. Students can also visit us for Preview Day. Preview Day offers them a chance to find out about the programs and facilities at MSU, watch and participate in demonstrations, and speak with our students and faculty.

For more chances to talk with students and see what goes on in the College of Engineering, have students attend our College of Engineering Design Day!