Composite materials are a new class of materials that combine two or more separate components into a form suitable for structural applications. While each component retains its identity, the new composite material displays macroscopic properties superior to its parent constituents, particularly in terms of mechanical properties and economic value.

The Composite Materials and Structures Center is one of the foremost facilities for the study of polymer composites and is internationally recognized for its contributions to composite science and engineering. The faculty of the College of Engineering along with the full-time staff researchers of the CMSC have expertise in processing, design and optimization, materials science, nanocomposite technology, structural analysis, surface science, failure analysis, and more. The CMSC offers the opportunity to conduct proprietary, confidential programs by assembling a focused team of researchers to address specific issues of importance to the client. 

The Center is fully equipped with 8 laboratories totaling nearly 20,000 square feet having the latest instrumentation for the study of composite manufacturing, performance, and durability. 

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