Jackson, MI
Job Title: 
Morning Foods Process Engineer
Kellogg Company
What are you doing today?: 

Today, I am working as a process engineer focusing primarily on cereal processes. I make sure that our process lines can produce the foods we make everyday, whether that means modifying an existing line, or designing a completely new one.

What personal advice would you give to high-school students considering a career in engineering?: 

Engineering is a great way to truly make a difference in the world. Engineers design products and processes that affect people everyday, such as automobiles, computers, and even food.

What was your first job after graduation, and how did it impact your career?: 

My first job after graduation was my current position. This job has given me the opportunity to expose myself to several of Kellogg's processes and products, while allowing me to utilize the tools gained while being an engineering student at MSU.

What was your greatest experience while attending the College of Engineering here at MSU?: 

During our Biosystems Engineering senior design project, we were attempting to design a new ice cream bar concept for the MSU Dairy Plant. The idea was a Spartan "S", chocolate covered bar. After months of working on the project, seeing our first ice cream bar come out of the expansion chamber, which we designed, was truly a wonderful feeling.

How does your profession impact people's lives?: 

I design the processes that make food affordable and safe to eat. Walking through the grocery store and seeing one of my products in someone's shopping cart really gives me a sense of pride for the work that I do everyday.

How were you inspired to become an engineer?: 

I always loved spending time in the kitchen cooking, so when I learned that I could mix my love for math and science AND get to play with food everyday, I was hooked.

Biosystems Engineering
Degree Information: 
B.S. Biosystems Engineering, Food Engineering Cognate, MSU, 2006