West Bloomfield, MI
Job Title: 
Customer Service Metrics Product Manager
The Dow Chemical Co.
What are you doing today?: 

I have worked at Dow Chemical in Midland, MI for over 16 years in a variety of Supply Chain roles. Michigan Operations Purchasing was my first stop, then onto our Global Headquarters Logistics Department. After that, I held a variety of Planning roles in the Glycol Ethers Business, and now I am in Dows Customer Service Expertise Center.

What personal advice would you give to high-school students considering a career in engineering?: 

If math is one of your better subjects, if you enjoy problem solving or puzzles, and if you like to organize people or data, you should consider a career in engineering. From my perspective, engineers are problem solvers; but as I've also learned, they do not sit behind drafting boards!

What was your first job after graduation, and how did it impact your career?: 

My first job after graduating was with Urban Science Applications in downtown Detroit. They caught my eye when I was a junior and I was determined to work for them. Whenever we had an event on campus through SEA, I made sure they were invited, I made sure I introduced myself to their representative, I made sure they knew when I was graduating, and I made sure they knew I wanted to work for them! It was a great first job and I appreciate the opportunity they gave me; however, my personal life led me to Midland and Dow Chemical.

What was your greatest experience while attending the College of Engineering here at MSU?: 

I can't pick out a single event that was my greatest experience, but I was fortunate to have a fantastic Academic Advisor who really made a difference for me. She not only helped me plan my course schedule, but she encouraged me to apply for a summer internship at General Motors after my sophomore year. That experience was invaluable I learned so much about the auto industry, people, and the workplace.

How does your profession impact people's lives?: 

The Chemical Industry impacts all of us on a daily basis and I am very proud to work for a leading company like Dow Chemical. The people I work with are intelligent, dedicated, and willing to extend themselves to solve problems and improve living daily.

How were you inspired to become an engineer?: 

My dad was a big influence for me he recognized my potential in science and math and suggested I look into engineering. My initial 17-year-old reaction was, “An engineer sits behind a drafting boards not what I want to do!” Then he told me about a friend of his who had a daughter in Engineering Arts (now Applied Engineering Sciences) at MSU and suggested I check it out when I got on campus. He was right the blend of engineering with business was a good fit for me and has served me well.

Applied Engineering Sciences
Degree Information: 
B.S. Engineering Arts, College of Engineering, Michigan State University, 1987 M.B.A. Management, College of Business, Central Michigan University, 1994