Traverse City, MI
Job Title: 
Environment and Energy Policy
General Motors
What are you doing today?: 

Writing GM's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions reporting policy and process. I also conduct GM's GHG analysis and reporting for all global facilities and for US products. I am responsible for GM's Technology Education program with the Department of Energy's Science Bowl Programs. I manage GM's Atlantic Rainforest project in Brazil with The Nature Conservancy. I am the President of a private medical and engineering forensic consulting firm called Med:For, Inc. I have recently been name vice president of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM): the professional society representing my educational background. I am the third woman to be named to become president of SEM. There are many other things that I am involved in and I am happy to share my CV.

What personal advice would you give to high-school students considering a career in engineering?: 

An engineering degree opens all doors to employment …across almost every discipline…why, because a degree in engineering conveys to the employer that you are able to solve problems.

What was your first job after graduation, and how did it impact your career?: 

GM Research and Development Center (1993). I was asked to create a Satellite Laboratory Network for GM so we (GM) could canvas the globe and find technical expertise to supplement our R&D portfolio of projects. I called this insourcing intellectual equity. GM's Satellite Network is fully operational across the globe and is enabled by the Master Agreement that I wrote in 1995.

What was your greatest experience while attending the College of Engineering here at MSU?: 

Research in the area of mechanics where I learned that I am a unique experimentalist: Optical Methods with Prof. Gary Cloud and Composite Structures with Prof. Dahsin Liu. As I reflect, I realize it is the people that cross our paths through life that are responsible for leaving lasting, very positive, impressions.

How does your profession impact people's lives?: 

Hopefully I am creating a new awareness in what is possible in managing GHG emissions such that the global climate issue over the near-term is no longer an issue…and I help people solve problems by first approaching the issue with what is possible rather than what is probable.

How were you inspired to become an engineer?: 

Innate interest in solving problems and understanding why things in nature occur as they do (physics major)

Engineering Mechanics, PhD
Degree Information: 
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University M.S. Engineering Mechanics, Michigan State University PhD Engineering Mechanics, Michigan State University