Sterling Heights, MI
Job Title: 
Senior Manager Strategy
The Hershey Company
What are you doing today?: 

I have a "Sweet" job! I recently joined The Hershey Company in their Strategy group. I spend my time interfacing with all aspects of the company in order to improve the products, processes and operations. As an engineer I am able to communicate within the Sales and Marketing organizations while understanding the operational complexities and issues.

What personal advice would you give to high-school students considering a career in engineering?: 

Keep your grades up! duh! Figure out how to fix your own car. Build something out of wood. Start playing around in Excel. Go to MSU’s engineering web site and understand the different majors and applications available. Explore the different majors to see which ones sound most interesting.

What was your first job after graduation, and how did it impact your career?: 

My first job was as a rotational engineer with DaimlerChrysler. My first two years consisted of 6 unique assignments within engineering and provided the financial support to achieve a Masters in Engineering.

What was your greatest experience while attending the College of Engineering here at MSU?: 

Leading the Formula SAE race team as a senior was my favorite experience. It allowed me to make some great life long friends, develop as a leader, build an entire car from scratch and most importantly racing it after graduation.

How does your profession impact people's lives?: 

Chocolate - Who doesn't love Chocolate? I help formulate a strategy for new and exciting products from concept to the shelves near you. We are constantly looking for ways to make the product not only great to eat but also maximizing the good effects for you.

How were you inspired to become an engineer?: 

A few things: 1) A love of Lego as a child 2) A love of science 3) Really good at math 4) Dad was an engineer

Mechanical Engineering
Degree Information: 
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1997 M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Oakland University, 1999 M.S. Business Administration, University of Michigan, 2003