Our 2019 #SpartanSummer!

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Last Spring, the Michigan State University Media Team asked us if we would like to be in a short film for their #SpartanSummer series... Of course! Over the course of a few shop wrenching sessions, testing days, and even the Michigan FSAE competition, the media team gathered footage for their video.

A few weeks and plenty of their hard work later, a feature surfaced! You can read their blog post here, which features the amazing video that they put together! Seriously. We cannot thank them enough.

Also! While we have your attention, we just want to acknowledge that this website has been out of date for quite some time. If you havn't noticed already, we've been working on updating everything. A lot has happened since 2017, but more news will be shared in the revitilzation of our monthly newsletter, The Spartan Racer, starting in September.

Go Green! Go White! Go Fast!

MSU Formula Racing Team