Kyle Raden

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Name: Kyle Raden

Role: Suspension Team Leader

Hometown: Downers Grove, IL

Major/Graduation: Mechanical Engineerin, December 2017

Favorite activity outside of formula? Why? 

My favorite activity outside of formula is playing guitar. It's a great way to relax and learn in a much different way.

Favorite part about being on the Formula Team and why?

My favorite part about being a part of Formula SAE is the opportunity to learn everything that goes into manufacturing an entire car.

What made you get involved with the team?

I was previously interested in racing and cars, so I joined formula to learn more in depth while making connections in the automotive industry. 

Past Internships (Company, Year, Role) 

Bosch, 2016, Chassis Controls Intern

Dana Corporation, 2015, Engine Lab Intern

What do you want to do after college? 

After I graduate I want to work at a supplier or aftermarket company in the automotive industry. 

Suspension Team Leader