Jon Bianchi

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Name: Jonathan Bianchi

Role: Project Manager

Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI

Major/Graduation: Mechanical Engineering / December 2016

Favorite activity outside of formula? Why? 

My favorite thing to do outside of formula is to play tennis. I picked up the activity a while back and at one point you could find me playing until the lights on the court turned off. 

Favorite part about being on the Formula Team and why?

My favorite part about being on the team is working with a group of people just as dedicated to solving the tough problems that go along with building a race car. The thrilling feeling of seeing the car drive for the first time makes the hard work worth it every time! 

What made you get involved with the team?

I got involed with the team looking to experience more than what was possible in the classroom. Also, when I saw the car for the first time, I knew it was something I wanted to work on.

Past Internships (Company, Year, Role) 

Robert Bosch, Electric/Hybrid Applciation Engineer 2014

What do you want to do after college? 

After college I plan on moving into an apartment and enjoying a career in the automotive industry. I’ve always wanted to travel so I plan on spending time traveling across the United States and other parts of the world.

Electrical Team Leader
Jon Bianchi